New Mom Care Package





The perfect care package for a mom and new born.

What better way to welcome a new born into the world, and treat the new mama with a healthy, pure and natural gift.

What does the package include?

Organic calendula  chamomile soap – soft, hypoallergenic, perfect for a baby’s skin. This soap cleans the skin and leaves it full of moisture, fresh and with the perfect smell! Great way to end the day and go into the perfect sleep. 

Organic diaper cream 60 ml- much more then any diaper cream . This cream has a high concentration of calendula, perfect for dry, red, cracked skin. The cream contains wonderful calming lavender scent, and leaves your skin soft and smelling great!

Organic Shea Nipple Cream- Perfect for chapped or sore nipples, it can be used at the end of pregnancy (starting from 9th month) as a preparation for breastfeeding, making skin more soft and flexible.



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