Our Quality Standards

When it comes to regulating the personal care industry, many manufacturers can get away with claims that their products are natural and organic, even though they are full of synthetic chemicals and the natural ingredients they use are only a minuscule percentage of the total ingredients.

For this reason, we have decided to turn to COSMOS certification – a leading International standard for organic cosmetics, which addresses both European and American standards in the field of organic cosmetics. We comply with their standard and have their certification, which guarantees our transparency, fully disclosing all the ingredients we use.

In addition, our factory complies with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) regulations, ensuring our products are safe, pure, and effective.

We have IQC (Institute of Quality Control) certification, and our products are approved by Israel’s Ministry of Health.

We are proud to offer products that are of the highest grade premium ingredients, to ensure the ultimate pampering experience of pure nature, and to ensure the effectiveness of each product. We hope you will delight and indulge yourself in our pure, natural, organic skincare products and experience their high quality already in your first use.