Our Philosophy and Values

  • Highest Quality Ingredients -Our business is founded on the commitment to honoring nature. Plants and herbs thrive when grown naturally and organically.  So, too, our bodies thrive when nourished with pure, organic products. Our main focus at Arugot is to provide the highest grade, pure, organic products. We believe in sustainability and environmental sensitivity. Our lifestyle, as a family and the way we run Arugot both reflect our values. We aim to improve and bolster health and enhance the way our body feels through a variety of organic natural body care and skincare products.


  • Chemical / Toxins Free- we will NEVER use chemical ingredients in our products that might disrupt the endocrine system and harm your health.  No parabens will be used either.


  • Holistic Beauty-Our concept of true beauty goes hand-in-hand with quality and health. The finest ingredients come straight from nature, they are full of life and vitality.  We use cold-pressed, organic oils, pure aromatic extracts, herbal extracts from flowers, seeds, and plants. We ensure that your skin receives the best quality nourishment to bolster its health and vibrancy.         We believe that you deserve the best experience of beauty, pleasure, and nourishment from the real source of nature.  Beauty is the amazing feeling that comes from taking care of and nourishing your body, with pure organic care.


  • Herbal Wonders– Natural herbal cosmetics contain deep knowledge in a variety of realms – health, healing, beauty, and vitality. In the process of planting, growing and harvesting plants, and as we develop and craft our products, we try to listen and learn about the characteristics of plants, their nature, place of growth and their properties. We see the deep connection between the process and the final product. We believe in the power of local plants that goes beyond what meets the eye. The body feels and responds to the active ingredients in plants.


  • Expertise and Exploration– We base our recipes on advanced expertise in the field of herbal cosmetics. We also approach our craft with curiosity and exploration. We constantly improve our products and develop new ones based on our experimentations.


  • Environmental Responsibility– We believe that the environment in which we live is of utmost importance and directly impacts our quality of life. Therefore, we approach working the land with deep respect and appreciation for the natural gifts it offers and we draw inspiration from the vast variety of plants and their treasures for our health. We actively choose in our daily lives, both personal and business, an ecological way of life that works in full harmony with our surroundings. We use certified organic ingredients in our products, we apply ancient indigenous as well as contemporary knowledge in our craft and we use eco-packaging for our products.


  • Vegan & Cruelty Free- Our products are vegan, we are certified by ‘Vegan-Friendly’- an organization that certifies vegan products and businesses. We do not use any animal testing in developing our products.


  • Socially Responsible Giving- Being that we are a business started by a woman, giving to women and empowering women is at the foundation of our company. Most of our products are geared towards women in various phases of life (such as motherhood). 75% of our employees are women.  We support several women’s organizations.