Breathable Organic Perfume – Citrine
Breathable Organic Perfume – Citrine
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Breathable Organic Perfume – Citrine




Our citrine perfume was inspired by the sweetness of wildflower nectar with its sweet and refreshing floral scents, calendula chamomile and Star-of-Bethlehem flowers that provides a deep caress of sensual vanilla. The kiss of sun in a flower field. Notes of honey with a fresh breeze of fragrant wild flowers that puts a smile on one’s face at every moment. We infused the flower extracts with citrine stones – a honey-colored gemstone that is associated with qualities of abundance in body and mind, and joie de vivre for a day full of magic. We established connections between the flower and herbal extracts and the mineral kingdom to provide you with a total experience of a sweet fragrance of floral rejuvenation in a wonderful unique fragrance. A natural and breathable organic perfume perfect for a day full of magic.

Ingredients: **Ethyl (Cane Sugar) Alcohol, Aqua (water), * Pelargonium graveolens flower oil, *Juniperus virginiana wood oil, *Tocopherol, *Beta - Sitosterol, * Squalene, ** Mixed Herbal infusion, ** Citrine extract, * Limonene, * Linalool, * Citral, * Coumarin.
*Natural 100%
** Organic 71 %


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