Arugot – Organic Care is a family owned boutique factory for developing and creating Natural organic cosmetics standing to the highest organic standards 100% natural 70% organic certified, with the GMP certification – we offer you the very best Organic cosmetic products of the Holyland. The company was created out of a personal wish to empower family values and the deep connection between man and nature while consuming the goodness of nature wit out destroying any of it.

Out of a deep understanding of the unique wealth offered by our surroundings and after using and learning for years about oils, herbs and aromatherapy essences we began creating natural gifts for ourselves, until reaching the perfect and unique formulas we use today.

All our products are handmade and contain pure aromatherapy extracts from Israel, cold-pressed organic oils, and organic extracts from wildflowers and from herbs we grow in our own fields and from other organic farms around Israel.

We do not use synthetic preservatives, Industrial chemicals or other poisons that are regularly used in ordinary cosmetic products!
We believe and now we know that nature has the best bounty for our beauty and for our health!

Our Factory is located in Netivot city, in the Western Negev region of Israel, surrounded by citrus orchards and green fields. We are part of a new community which is engaged in combing between Judaism and Ecology.

Esther Lachman – Honors graduate from Ridman College (HPP), specializing in herbs and aromatherapy.

Esther is authorized in Natural pharmaceuticals and cosmetic.

Esther is the head of The Israeli Natural Pharmacy School – of Arugot, which teaches students around Israel to create by there own natural Organic cosmetic products.

If you wish to become a distributor of Arugot or exclusively import Arugot products to your country – please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Itay Yosef Lachman

Export Manager

Tel: +972-77-5006038

Mobile: +972-50-2249600