Breathable Organic Perfume – Sapphire
Breathable Organic Perfume – Sapphire
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Breathable Organic Perfume – Sapphire





Our Sapphire perfume was composed from a field of flowers, incorporating a refreshing floral aroma enveloped in a breeze and hints of lilac and amber as well as refreshing citrus blossom and the buds of a Damask rose. We infused the flower extracts with the sapphires, a powerful, feminine and noble mineral that provides depth and allure to an unforgettable, sensual and refreshing feminine fragrance. It’s your time to blossom, rejuvenate and connect to the realm of flowers and minerals. We fused the connections between the plant and flower extracts with minerals to provide you a total experience of a deep scent of fresh rejuvenation and inner tranquility that will accompany you throughout the day as a wonderful unique fragrance. A natural and breathable organic perfume perfect for a day filled with beauty.


** Ethyl ( Cane Sugar ) Alcohol , Aqua ( water ) , * Citrus Aurantium Bergamia Oil , * Mentha Arvensis Leaf Oil , *Pogostemon Cablin Leaf Oil , * Barosma Betulina Leaf Extract , *Tocopherol , *Beta - sitosterol , *Squalene , ** Mixed Herbel Infusion , ** Sapphire Extract. * Limonene , * Linalool , *Citral , * Coumarin. *

*Natural 100%
** Organic 71 %


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